Stop Sharing Your Home With Damaging Insects

Thorough pest control & termite control services in Gaston, SC, Columbia SC and surrounding areas

Cockroaches scurrying across the countertop. Bed bugs biting you at night. Fire ants crawling on your food. Living with a bug infestation can leave you feeling unhygienic, frustrated and stressed.

Terminate your insect or rodent problem for good with services from Mid-Land Pest Control, LLC. We’ve been the extermination company of choice in the Gaston area for 30 years. Call 803-798-6232 now for an appointment.

Block bugs from infesting your home

Whether you have a minor insect problem, termites or a major rodent issue, you’ll receive exceptional assistance from Mid-Land Pest Control in Gaston, SC, Columbia SC and surrounding areas. We use top-of-the-line techniques and chemicals to effectively treat every part of your residential property.

Not sure if you have a pest problem or just a few intruders? Check for these signs of an infestation:
  • Dead bugs indoors
  • Insect/rodent droppings
  • Nesting evidence
  • Odd smells/sounds

Get in touch with the professional exterminator at Mid-Land Pest Control about your bug or rodent infestation as soon as possible.

Your insect problem isn’t going to eliminate itself

Mid-Land Pest Control is your smart choice when rodents or insects are taking over your home. Work with us for quality pest control, water damage repair and mold control services. We treat your home inside and out, taking special care to reach under your property.

Tell us about the pests taking over your residential space in Gaston, SC, Columbia SC and surrounding areas immediately.


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